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It is not proper for Sampanthan to be in India after promising that the TPPs will be released, says Suresh Premachandran

While the List of Bailed out prisoners released (TPPs) are a fast unto death, it is not proper for Era Sampanthan to be away at India after promising that, the TPPs will be released before Nov. 7th, , said the former TNA MP, Suresh Premachandran.

He said this in a media conference held at his home in Neervely.   Medical treatment is important to a person but, a person who is said to be the leader of the prime Alliance of Tamils, going to India while an important problem is prevailing here is uncivilized. He could have gone for his medical treatment after solving this problem, he said.

Sampanthan had assured the TPPs that the president had assured him that the TPPs will be released before Nov. 7th. But the TPPs were not released. Now, it is said that 61tPPs will be granted bail. If that is so, are the other prisoners continued to be detained? Those people who are in prison for 10 years and 20years should be released immediately.

Even the people, who are sentenced to life can come out in 14 years. But, investigations are not held for people who are in prison for several years. Now, the TPPs had commenced their fast again. They have started their struggle again demanding a complete reply.

They should be granted General Amnesty. The TPPs are not in a physical condition to undertake fasting. They are in a death or life situation.

While saying that Sampanthan should return home immediately, he also pointed out that, the Tamil Leaders who said that the TPPs will be released are currently not in the country.