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It is our fault that we did not destroy completely the Political Tigers: Laments Gotabaya

We have made a mistake in not destroying the political Tigers. We bring North again under our control and destroy the intervention of Tigers, said Gotabhaya Rajapakse, the former Defense Secretary.

He was speaking at the publishing of a book by Vimal Weerawansa under the title” A War less Country-  about to be bisected  after good Governance” , held at the Viharamahadevi  auditorium, Colombo.

Although we have destroyed the Tiger movement we did not destroy the political Tigers indoctrinated by Tigers. As a consequence the country is moving towards separatism after 7 months of Good Governance.

We prevented the international Tiger organizations  from intervening in the internal matters. Now the situation had turned upside down.

We should bring back the situation to the level under our control. We should bring the North under our control and destroy completely the intervention of Tigers. (Courtesy: Uthayan  on 4/8/2015)