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It should not be just stopped in providing assurances alone; the situations of people have to be understood – Workers are saying with despair


Akkaraipathanai Senmarket Estate workers said in despair that they have been voting for electing leaders since the time they got their voting rights. But no one has come forward even to make basic needs available here.

In this estate located at a distance of about 8 kms from Akkaraipathanai town council, there are more than 150 families living approximately. There is not even a temple for the people living in this area. There is a private estate found near by this estate. People of this estate are going to Muthumariamman temple in that state. Because of the conflicts between the people of these villages, they are struggling by not able to go to temple.


Because there is no child care center available here so far, children in this place are subjected to many troubles. Moreover the working ladies are also not able to go for jobs, because they can’t leave their children alone and are facing several inconveniences.

Because these structures were built during British rule, there are several deficiencies due to old age of the buildings and fitments. Also drainage found in the people living areas are broken and in a pathetic state. These people are all concerned that no one came forward to repair and make this alright till now.

Also the toilet facilities are not made enough and hence women and children are facing lot of troubles. The deficiencies found are in such a way that they can be tabled.

Some of the people of this region have put forth their troubles to samakalam news service, 

Mr. Selvakumar, Estate leader said:


We have been living here in the middle of several troubles and inconveniences that we are facing. We asked for a Children center with estate officers. There was no action taken. Then we went for this to politicians. They also evaded their responsibilities. Because of this, we are not able to go for our work and we are losing our earnings. But politicians are living luxurious life happily. Many politicians would have forgot the fact that this estate exists. They come only during the election time to get votes and say the something they said before. Hence our votes are only for those who would come forward to solve our problems. 

Mrs. Suriyakumari said:


We are having the roads that lead to estates in pathetic condition with badly broken pits and stones. Because of this, we are forced to spend more. If someone falls ill, then they have to be taken in an estate lorry available here only to Mantrasi hospital which is 10 kms away. What is going to happen by our votes, when we don’t have these health facilities.

Mr. Sundaram said on this, 


We are paying monthly installment fee to our trade union without fail. But our problems are not solved. Moreover if we complain to estate authorities also, no solution is arrived at. When we report this to trade union secretarial office, they say that they can’t take forward development work because of less number of members.

There are no facilities such as library or children center in our estate. We are living in this situation only and it is the responsibility of politicians to solve these problems in future. They should not just given assurances during election time. They should also understand about issues of people.