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ITAK not in TPC :Mawai Senathyrajah

The Leader of the ITAK, Mawai Senathyrajah said yesterday that ITAK is not in the TPC.

He had said this in the context of Prof.K.C.Sittampalam, a stalwart of the ITAK, had said in the inaugural meeting of the TPC that he is participating on behalf of ITAK.

The 2nd meeting of TPC was held yesterday in the Auditorium of the Jaffna Public Library. In the Media Conference held at the end of the meeting, the media men asked why the leader of the ITAK, who is an elected MP was not invited and members were invited, while the leaders of EPRLF, PLOT, TNPF were present.

Prof. Sittampalam in reply said that he is one of the former President of and a Vice-Prsident of ITAK and he is participating on behalf of that party.

When the Leader of ITAK, Mawai Senathyrajah was asked to comment about this,  he said that, the TPC had sent no invitation and that those who say that they are participating on behalf of ITAK had not got any approval for participating.