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Jaffna and Kilinochchi Lawyers ask the Minister of Justice to approach the TPPs’ problem politically

When the visiting Minister of Justice met the northern lawyers yesterday they proposed that the government approach the Tamil Political Prisoners (TPPs) problem politically instead of approaching it legally.

Lawyer N.Sri kantha speaking on behalf of the Lawyers said the Government had handed over this problem to the Attorney General’s Department and keeping quiet.

Those who are detained under confessions could be released without an

We have the right to expect this from the Government. This is a fair and logical approach he said.y problem because everybody knows how the confessions are obtained. Next come the people arrested on material evidence and possession of small quantities of ordnance. During the war period these were freely found all over the place. There is no problem in releasing these too. The third type should be released under President’s pardon he said.

Attorney at Law Mrs. Joy Mahiltheva said that those who are in the prison from 1995 should be released considering long period of internment as the punishment period.