Monday 23 July 2018
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 Jaffna District Cooperative  Board clinches the Gold for the best Cooperative in the Island

 Jaffna District Cooperative  Board clinches the Gold for the best Cooperative in the Island

The Jaffna Cooperative Board has been adjudged the best Cooperative Board in the Country and a gold medal has been awarded for it.

This Golden award was given in the 95th International Cooperative day celebrated at Kurunegala .

The State Leader Maithripala Sirisena handed over this award in an event held at the Maligapiddy grounds in Kurunegalla.

The Jaffna Cooperative Board won this award  for the most stable Cooperative Board, from among 27 Cooperative Boards in the country.

In view of the 95th International Cooperative Day , The Department of Cooperative Development, Colombo in conjunction with the Sri Lanka Nation Cooperative Board , held National Level Competitions and awarded prizes.

As a part of these competitions, evaluations to adjudge the Stable Cooperative Board in the country.

The criteria for selecting the Stable Board included evaluations on:

* The Development, security and the maintenance of Physical Resources;

* Promoting the virtues of Cooperative movement;

* The Vision , Mission and the contribution of the administration in achieving the objectives of Cooperative Board;

* Publication on Cooperative matters;

* Conducting General Meetings and meeting of Board of  Directors in accordance with the provisions of the Cooperative law;

* Executing resolutions efficiently;

* Cooperative Educational activities relevant to members, staff, youths and girls;

* Recruitment, administering legal payment  relevant to human resources.

* Social welfare projects;

* Services rendered to member- Societies;

* Information and communication technologies;

* Financial Activities.

Points were granted for these aspects and on the basis of the points scored the Jaffna Board had scored the highest score and clinched the Gold medal in this competition It is also notable that it had won the silver in the last year’s competition.

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