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Jaffna District Cultural Authority inaugurated

The inaugural ceremony of the Jaffna Cultural Authority was held in the Auditorium of the Jaffna District Secretariat.

This Authority has been inaugurated by the Cultural Department at District Level,  with the objective of taking the village level Artists to National level and preserving the Arts.

The election of Office bearers was held yesterday and the Additional District Secretary P.Senthilnanthanan was elected as the President and the District cultural officers will act as coordinators and clergy belonging to all four religions had been appointed as advisors.

Sub Committees were elected to represents the Arts of Literature, Drama, Dance, Music, Art, Murasu, Koothu, Medicine, sculpturing, Puppetry, Self Defence,  Percussion Instruments, Cinema, Rural Arts, Handicrafts, Yoga, Magic, media, Villisai, and Photography.

Several activities are to be undertaken through this Authority with a view to safeguard the village Artists.