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Jaffna District Fishermen’s Federation place 3 condition for the release of Trawlers  of Indian Fishermen


Following a discussion among the 9 Fishermen Societies representing 123 Fishermen Coop Societies, the Federation had expressed its consent to the Minister of Fisheries, for the release of the Indian Trawlers currently detained in Sri Lanka forwarding three conditions. The self-explanatory full text of the letter appears below:

Hon.Mahindha Amaraweera,

Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources

Hon. Sir,

In accordance with the request made in the discussion held in your Ministry on 08.02.2017, a meeting of the representatives of 9 Fishermen Society unions representing 123 Fishermen Cooperative Societies was held regarding the release of the boats of Indian Fishermen, at the Head Office of the Jaffna District Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Unions’ Federation and they adopted a resolution to the effect that boats of the Indian Fishermen could be released.

However, they decided to request your kind self to implement the following resolutions adopted at the same meeting please:

The Governments of both countries should provide assurance that the Indian Boats will not transgress into Sri Lankan seas.

Both countries should come forward to award compensations to fishermen of Jaffna District who have been affected by the fishing of the Indian trawlers.

Any transgressing Indian trawler should be arrested and action should be taken on it.

Thank You.

Yours Faithfully,

Copy To :  The Consular , Indian Consulate, Jaffna.