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Jaffna District Secretary calls for observing 2 minutes silence for Disaster Victims on 26th

The Jaffna District Secretary, N.Vethanayagan has put out a call for observing 2 minutes silence on 26/12/2016 from 9.25 to 9.27 a.m., for those people who are killed in Disasters like Tsunami. Incidentally, the day is also declared as the National Safety day.

Large number of lives and property were lost on the Tsunami which devastated the shores of Sri Lanka and Indian Ocean.

Hence it was decided by the Cabinet in 2006 that the 26th day of December of every year be observed as the National Safety Day.

While remembering those who were killed in Disasters, this day also will serve as an opportunity to    create preparations and awareness for reducing, scale down and avoid impacts of Disasters in the future. This will also serve as an activity to bring in coordination and cooperation at Village, Divisional, District, and National Levels into Disaster Management Activities.