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Jaffna High Court dismiss application for Ban on Maveerar Commemoration

Jaffna High Court yesterday dismissed the application for banning Maveerar Day Celebrations. The Court said that the Provincial court has no authority to inquire matters related to National Security.

The hearing on the petitions calling for no ban should be proclaimed on the Maveerar Day Commemorations.

The Officials and AALs who appeared for the Respondents argued whether a matter relevant to National Security could be inquired in a court falling within the limits of  the jurisdiction of the Province. A long debate followed. The court studying the submissions, ruled that said petitions could not be inquired by the High Court and dismissed the petitions.

President’s Counsel M.A. Sumanthiran, AALs Kesavan Sayanthan and Visvalingam Manivannan appeared for the petitioners.

The Mallakam Court has refused to ban Maveerar Celebrations, and had ruled that they could be held without using flags and symbols of movement banned by gazette notification.

However, Kilinochchi and Mulaitheevu courts have banned the Maveerar commemorations