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Jaffna high Court yesterday issued Interpol arrest warrant on Napoleon and Mathanarajah of EPDP

The Jaffna High Court yesterday issued Interpol Arrest Warrants on Napoleon (Sebastian Ramesh) and Nadarajah Mathanarajah, two VIPs of EPDP, who are charged in a case regarding attacking TNA supporters who went for election campaign to Island sector during 2001 November elections.

In this incident that occurred at Naranthanai, two supporters of TNA, Erampu Perambalam and Yogasingam Kamalstone lost their lives and 21 persons including Mawai Senathyrasa were injured. The case is in progress in the Jaffna High court and the above two are absconding.

Sebastian Ramesh alias Napoleon, Nadarasa Mathanarajah alias Mathan,  Anton Sivarajah alias Jeevan,and Namasivayam Karunaharamoorthy had been charged on 47 counts, including conspiring with illegal members and committing the attack.

Following the court being notified that the first two accused are abroad, the court issued the Interpol Arrest Warrant.