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Jaffna Magistrate Court Bans Thileepan Commemoration. Police massed at the Memorial at Nallur

The Thileepan Commemoration organized to be held at Nallur was banned by the Magistrate Court, Jaffna. This order was made in the hearing yesterday.

Jaffna Police made an application for banning the Thileepan Memorial events to be started today. 20 were named as respondents in this case.

When this case was taken up yesterday, AALs Manivannan and Sugash appeared for the respondents.

They made submission that the application of the police be rejected and permission be granted for the memorial events.

Police submitted that terrorist are being remembered, thereby an attempt to re-organize Tigers and that this type of commemoration should not be admitted in this Corona threat.

The AALs pointed out that in the past permission was granted by court to hold the event peacefully when police asked for a ban. They also pointed out that funds were allocated for renovation of Thileepan memorial, with the consent of the Cabinet.

However the submissions of the AALs were rejected, and a ban was proclaimed.

The AALs said an appeal will be filed regarding the Ban.