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Jaffna Medical Faculty Students commence a one week fasting Protest against Private Medical College

The Medical students of the 36th batch have commenced a fasting protest yesterday, against Private Medical College. All Government Medical Colleges had already started such protests and the Medical students of University of Jaffna had joined them yesterday.

Four demands are put forward.

Taking in of new students to the Private Medical College should be stopped forthwith until solutions are found for the Practical problems.

Only the Sri Lanka Medical Council should be allowed to operate independently so as to ensure the standard and Medical Education, Medical Sector and the Patients care services and to handle matters connected to them.

An appropriate solution should be given to the students taken into Cytum Medical College, by the Sri Lanka Medical with their future in mind.

The Private Medical College and the Niveel Fernando Hospital should Nationalized and converted into a Medical Faculty, rectifying  the shortcomings pointed out by the Medical Council.