Monday 6 July 2020
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Jaffna teen student commits suicide demanding release of TPPs

Jaffna teen student commits suicide demanding release of  TPPs

An Advanced Level student age 18 from Kokuvil Hindu College committed suicide this morning, by  jumping in front of an approaching train at Kokkuvil junction and that a letter lying near the body contained a requesting for the immediate release of Tamil political prisoners, some of whom have languished in prisons for months and years without charge.

The deceased student was identified as Senthuran Rajeswaran from Koappaay North from an agricultural family.

His letter was written on a notebook, both in English and Tamil languages. It reads:

“To Tamil Eelam; give freedom, shed light

His Excellency the Presidency’s good-governance regime must immediately rehabilitate and release all political prisoners.

Not a single Tamil political prisoner can remain imprisoned any longer. It is regretting that even when I have realised the urgent need to release these political prisoners, this good-governance regime has not realised it.

In Tamil Eelam,

Yours, with love for the Tamil people greater than life,

R Senthuran


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