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Jaffna/Ariyakulam water change colour to red: People fear environmental pollution

The water in the Ariyakulam tank in Jaffna has changed its colour to red all of a sudden. The people living around the kulam had expressed fear that environment pollution had caused the change. It is evident that large amount of garbage have been dumped into the kulam. The residents say that the Municipal Council has not taken any action regarding this.

Only a few water sources like this kulam are existing in the Municipal area, but they do not take any action to preserve them accused the people.

The Commissioner when contacted said that they have not received any complaints on this and that action will be taken to analyse the cause for colour change. He also said that as the council is taking strict action on people dumping garbage in public places, they including some food serving hotels are now dumping garbage in the Tank. He also speculated that a micro biological fungus plant red Ida may be the cause for the change of colour. However, he assured that samples will be collected from the kulam and sent for analysis ti the Botany faculty.