Tamil Diplomat

Japanese Buddhist  priests pay homage at the Jaffna University, to students killed recently

Japanese Buddhist priests and members of the Ghandi movement of India paid their homage to the two student killed recently in police shooting.

The Japanese Priests were on a pilgrimage of peace, undertaken from the October 16th, last year, reached Nallur yesterday, touching Adam’s peak, Sri Dalatha Maligai, Ruwanvelisaya, Anuradhapura Kannaki Amman Kovil, Vattapaliai, Mullaitheevu on their to Selvachannithy.

The pilgrimage started from Nallu Temple, proceeded to Jaffna university, where they held prayers for peace of the souls of the killed students. They went through Jaffna Bus stand to Mathew Road, Jaffna, where a Buddhist priest by the name of Yokkodsuka was shot dead while on a peace pilgrimage.

The current pilgrimage was undertaken to pursue the peace activity of the killed priest, to make the people of North and South the need for co-existence and to pray that the people of this country should see bloodshed again, said the participants of the pilgrimage.