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Jawan’s food rant: BSF says all is well, but soldier has a difficult past

Tej Bahadur, a BSF jawan deployed along the Indo-Pak border in Jammu and Kashmir, created a flutter with a video in which he said that the troops are served bad quality food and they have to manage with an empty stomach. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was quick to respond and sought a report from the Border Security Force. The BSF, however, rubbished these allegations, but also added that an officer in the rank of DIG will investigate the matter following which facts would be revealed soon.

In a lengthy note released by the BSF, Frontier HQ, PRO, Jammu, says that ration is available to all in good quality, quantity and variety. “Constable Tej Bahadur as an individual has had a difficult past. From initial days of his career, he needed regular counseling. Different correction mechanics have been applied for the individual’s welfare as he was habitual offender of absenteeism without permission, chronic alcoholism, misbehaving and using force with superior officers and certain other acts against good order and discipline,” the note issued by the BSF stated. “For such reasons, individual has served mostly in headquarters under supervision of some dedicated superior officer. In spite, of him being a bad hat, proper time has been devoted for individual’s improvement,” the note added. “He has been sent only 10 days back to the place of deployment i.e. Adm Base on Road Head to facilitate support to high altitude foward locations. The DIG and Commanding Officer visited him and other BSF Jawan. There was no complaint from anyone,” the note stated. The note added, “Leaving aside the background of the individual an officer in the rank of DIG has reached the location. Investigations will soon reveal the facts.”(ONE INDIA,2017)