Tamil Diplomat

‘Jaya’s death was unexpected, exhuming her body is ridiculous’

Dr Richard Beale who treated Jayalalithaa at Chennai’s Apollo hospital met the media in Chennai to speak about the circumstances that led to her death on Monday. Beale, who was brought in to treat Jayalalithaa on September 30 to Apollo Hospital, along with MMC coordinator Dr Balaji addressed the conference where reporters were told that the former chief minister suffered from a condition of a blood infection that led to organ failure.

The doctors said that Jayalalithaa suffered a cardiac arrest while a medical personnel was in the room. “We started CPR immediately and it went on for about 20 minutes. She was not responding and we failed to get a heart rhythm. She was then put on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation,” Dr Beale said. He also added that Jayalalithaa herself did not want to be transferred to London. “We did review the option of transferring her to London but there are risks while transporting critical case patients. Facilities at Apollo are first grade. In later stages, she herself did not want to be transferred,” he said(ONE INDIA,2017)