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Tamil activist Jeyakumari freed (Video Attached)

Balachandran Jeyakumari, who was arrested and detained under the notorious Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), was released today on a personal bail of Rs.20,000 when she was produced before Colombo Additional Magistrate Aruni Artigala. Jeyakumari however cannot leave the country as part of the bail conditions given to her by the Colombo Magistrate Court today.

Speaking after her release, she thanked those who worked for her release and helped her to live with her daughter. “”Thank you for reuniting me with my daughter once more. I will continue my struggle to search for my disappeared son.” she said.

In the context of the visit to Sri Lanka of the Indian Prime Minister, optimism was running high yesterday that she may be released today.

It is notable that Jeyakumari and her daughter Vipusika(aged 14) were arrested following a shooting incident in March last year in Visvamadhu, Kilinochchi.

Jeyakumari and her daughter Vidushika had actively participated in several protests conducted by families of the disappeared in the Northern Province. Jeyakumari’s two sons were killed in the war and the third went missing after she handed him over to the military in May 2009. Vidushika is her only remaining child.

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