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Those who join hand with racist will be rejected like Mahindha : the CM, EPC, Naseer Ahamed

If the Government think that by satisfying majority people they can win future elections, that will not be successful, the CM, EPC, Naseer Ahamed warned the coalition Government.

The fate of Mahindha Rajapakse who prioritized majority people and tried to suppress minorities is a good example , he said.

Some Ministers are foolishly calculating that as majority people are more in their constituencies, and that they will think on a hard line, and by joining with racists they can satisfy the majority people.

In the context of the conflict between Mahindha and Bodu Bala Sena in recent times, questions have risen as to the very existence of these people.  It is a joke to join them to undertake activities.

Days are not far away for the ministers who embrace racists, to be rejected by the people, like former President Mahindha Rajapakse and cohorts. It is not an appropriate for the country if people like the Minister of Justice joining hands with racists, he said