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Journalists asked to leave Mullaithivu DDC meeting

The Mulaitheevu DDC meeting was held at Mulaitheevu District Secretariat yesterday presided by Co-chairs, the Northern Governer, Dr. Suren Ragavan, MP, Dr. Sivamohan and District Secretary Rupawathy Ketheeswaran.

At one point in the outset the Governor asked the Media men covering the meeting as who are from Private media and asked them to leave and that decisions at the meeting will be given to them later, while asking the state media to stay back.

Intervening at this point MP, Sivasakthy Anandan protested that all these days the private media was present at the meeting and it is not appropriate to ask the to get out while leaving the state media to stay.

The media should stay. People should know what is being discussed here, said MP, Shanthy.

19th amendment have given the right to information, said Sivasakthy Anandan.

Yes there are rights, but is it has been stated that they should know each and every discussion.  I have not come here to speak to the media. I will watch the proceedings, you may conduct the meeting, angrily said the Governor.

The meeting continued with the media being present.