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JSA on Chief Justice

Judicial ServiceAssociation has expressed concerns over the conduct of the Chief Justice in respect of charges made against him. They have urged him to conduct himself in a manner befitting the post he holds.

The statement of the JSA bearing the signature of its Secretary Ranga Dissanayake states:

“The Judicial Service Association is greatly concerned with the investigation that has been initiated by the Criminal Investigation Department pursuant to a complaint made to it alleging the presence of the Chief Justice at Temple Trees at a time when there was an alleged discussion to make the former President to continue in office regardless of the results of the polls conducted on 08th of January 2015.

The Judicial Service Association is equally perturbed by the admitted presence of the Chief Justice at Temple Trees at a time when the commission of an alleged conspiracy was hatched, irrespective of his alleged involvement in the preparation to commit the crime. We emphasize the importance of the judiciary to maintain absolute impartiality on important issues such as this while reiterating our duty to remain detached from political and executive decisions.

Hence, the Judicial Service Association hopes that the Chief Justice would act in such a manner so as to preserve the honour and dignity of the judiciary’.