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Judge Illancheliyan orders formation of Police flying squad to control crime in the North

Sword slashing, murder, murder attempts and robbery has suddenly occurred just in a week.

This situation should not be allowed to prevail, said the Jaffna High Court Judge, Illancheliyan and he ordered the Police to form Police flying squads to control this situation.

In a directive he had to the Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police, Jaffna District as follows:

Important event of the Nallur temple chariot festival is to be held soon. It is expected that more than one hundred thousand of people including Diaspora Tamils will be in attendance. Action should be taken to prevent the occurrence of such incidents. A police flying squad should be formed under the direct control of the SDIG, Jaffna or the SSP, Jaffna to bring under control any incident under control. This Force could contribute in speedy reaction, in arresting suspects immediately, preventing the occurrence of crime and safeguarding people from criminals.

Suspects should not be allowed to escape to other districts or other countries. Actions should be taken to prevent them at the Air Port. Navy should be alerted for intercepting any criminals trying to escape by sea.

After a comparative peace prevailing in Jaffna for the last 3 months these incidents had destroyed the confidence the public formed on the police, he had said.

It is also reported that the Jaffna District DIG had promised that the police will take action accordingly.