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Justice not delivered yet for killing of 5 students in Trincomalee 10 years ago

Although 10 years have passed after 5 students were massacred in Trincomalee town by uniformed men justice has not been delivered, Social enthusiast and Human Rights Activists expressed concern.

This incident which occurred at the height of the war between the LTTE and the Government is continued to be talked as a worst human rights violation, locally and abroad.

International Human Rights Organization including Amnesty International and Human Rights Activists had expressed strong condemnation on Sri Lanka Government. In UN also this was included in the Human Rights Violation accusations against Sri Lanka.

The victims were students of a popular school in Trincomalee town , who were awaiting admission to University, it is said.

While they enjoying their recreation on the beach on 2.1.2006, some armed people who came on an Auto took them away and killed them near Ghandhi Statue roundabout. No suspects were arrested immediately for this incident which occurred in 2006.

During the term of the former Government, due to International pressure, 12 persons including a ASP were arrested on suspicion,  by CID after7 years from the incident. A case was filed in courts and the suspects had been granted bail.

Except the family of one victim all other families have fled the country for their safety.

Although 10 years have passed after the killings, it had been embedded in the minds of Human Rights Activists and social activists.