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Justice Sripavan Sworn in as Chief Justice of Sri Lanka

Justice K. Sripavan was today sworn in as the 44th Chief Justice of Sri Lanka by  Maithripala Sirisena.

63-year-old Justice Sripavan took oath at a brief ceremony held at the Sri Lankan President Palace.

He is the third Tamil to become the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka. The first Tamil to hold the highest judicial post in Sri Lanka was Suppiah Sharvananda, who served between 1984 and 1988. Thereafter, Justice Herbert Thambiah was appointed as the Chief Justice in 1991 and held the position until he died in  October 1992.

Born in 1952, Sripavan was educated at the Jaffna Hindu College and the Law College in Colombo. After a short stint at the private bar in the late 1970s, he joined the Attorney General‘s Office as a government counsel. He rose to be Deputy Solicitor General before he was appointed a judge in the Court of Appeal.  He was party to many landmark judgments when he was raised to the Supreme Court.

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