Tamil Diplomat

JVP seeks National Executive Council

JVP has urged the new government to establish an Executive Council to gear the transformation under the 100 day program.

Addressing a media meeting, JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissananyake explained the proposal in the following words:

“ The people in the country too have a responsibility to take action to achieve victories under the 100 day programme. However, they should not have big expectations. The country asks for a broad socio-economic-political transformation. Such a broad transformation cannot be carried out within 100 days or within the existing system.

As such, the JVP, considering all these factors, is rallying forces that are necessary for a broad social transformation and is getting organized for such a task. There is a proposal to establish a ‘National Executive Council’ which would be above the cabinet. The JVP expects to be active in this Executive Council.

The ‘National Executive council’ should take over several definite tasks. It should take over tasks that are difficult to be implemented in ministries and need urgent implementation. This council could carry out constitutional changes such as abolishing the 18th amendment and enforcing the 17th amendment, abolishing executive powers in the presidency and presidential immunity. There could be attention also regarding constitutional amendments and legal reformations that could be carried out through this council. Adopting the Right to Information Act, appointing an audit commission and broadening powers of the Bribery Commission are examples. This institution should be handed over such sensitive tasks that should be fulfilled urgently so that they would have an impact on the masses.

Also, providing relief to the masses could be done efficiently by taking over such tasks by this institution. Establishing a formal institute to take urgent action against corruption should be taken over by the National Executive Council. The JVP would actively mediate in fulfilling such progressive tasks within the 100 day programme.”