Tamil Diplomat

JVP urges holding of local govt polls next year beginning

The General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva has urged government to hold the local government polls at the beginning of next year.

He has stated that the polls be held as the President has already promised to hold the local government elections at the beginning of next year. All obstacles that would prevent holding an election should be removed and all issues regarding holding local government elections should be solved. Authorities should take immediate steps to solve issues regarding the Local Government Act and the delimitation process and added that his party has already had discussions with election officials regarding the relevant issues.

He added that although election has not been announced, JVP has already commenced work at grassroots level to get ready for an election. ‘Diriya Citizens’ Societies are being formed at grassroots level to face any future elections and to agitate against unfavourable moves and the party organization would be strengthened through these societies added the General Secretary of the JVP.