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Kalmunai Development scheme opposed by Tamils of Kalmunai ,Thousands join protest Rally

Civil societies, Women societies and TNA joined hands yesterday to protest against the proposed Kalmunai Development scheme, yesterday.

Tamil people of Kalmunai had protested the development scheme in Kalmuni Division. Yesterday’s protest rally was a continuation of the above protest. They submitted copies of memorandum protesting the development scheme and calling for the abandonment of it.

Selvam Aaikalanathan who participated in the rally commented that no development could be undertaken to benefit only one faction. And the ministers should consult the people before undertaking any development in Kalmunai.

Kodeeswaran MP said that, this is an activity by one faction to bury deep down the overall land rights and the economy of the 85% Tamil people who are living in Kalmunai.

EPC member Kalaiarasan said that, all development undertaken in the past in Kalmunai were detrimental to the interest of its Tamil residents. Such developments could not be allowed anymore.