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Kanagapuram Maveerar Thuyilumillam ( Martyr Cemetery), Kilinochchi released yesterday

The Army had left the Kanagapuram Maveerar Thuyilumillam completely yesterday, but only around 10 acre was handed over to the Divisional Secretary.

The Maveerar Thuyilumillam which was handed over yesterday the first Maveerar Thuyilumillam to be established by the LTTE, in Kilinochchi.

In 2013, the Army established a camp on the Thuyilumilla grounds overnight, constructing double fences. They had bulldozed the tombs of the Maveerars into the adjacent private lands and within the cemetery grounds, and had desecrated the Thuyilumillam, which is holy to many Tamil people, by building toilets and kitchens over the area where the tombs were existing earlier, and occupying the ground.

In the context of the Mulangavil Thuyilumillam being released earlier this week, the Kanagapuram Thuyilimillam had been released yesterday.

The people had requested that as the first step to preserve this area as a peace zone, trees should be planted in the area to make it a “Green Area”.

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