Tamil Diplomat

Kanakampikai Kulam (Kilinochchi) Spilling, travelling may be hindered

Kanakampikai kulam has reached its full holding capacity of 10’9″ and had started to spill.

The spilling water is passing under the bridge that is being constructed on the main road, from Iranamadu Junction to Iranaimadu Tank. A by-pass road constructed for bridge construction is being washed away slowly by the spilling water, which is flowing across this road.

If the rains persist, the travelling through this road may be blocked.

Further as rain waters are flowing across several roads in Kilinochchi commuters, especially the students sitting for their O/L, are greatly inconvenienced. Several houses are either submerged partly or inundated. by flood waters.

Especially, people of Uruthirapuram, Ponnagar, Rathnapuram, Paranthan Sivapuram, Pannankandy and a part of Malayalapuram are inundated with flood waters, but no displacement had been caused.

However if the rains continue, situation may change to the worse.