Tamil Diplomat

Karunanithy condemns Ranil’s remarks

DMK Leader M.Karunanithy has condemned the remarks made by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe as venomous.
Referring to Ranil’s remark that Indian fishermen who cross border will be shot at by the Navy, Karunanithy stated that India takes offence at such a remark which smacks violence.
He added that Ranil little reaizes that these fishermen are not competent to identify maritime boundary lines in mid sea and they enter alien territorial waters unintentionally. ‘ One wonders whther it is  Ranil’s intelligent stand that in such a situation, such acts need to be meted out firing by the Navy.’, he posed.
He continued that such attitude by a leader of a government is very unbecoming. We thought that with the victory of President Sirisena, Sri Lanka’s new government has done away with communal politics. But it  seems it is not so. He must understand that the fishermen issue is a livelihood issue and dealt with in a humanitarian angle.