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Kepapilavu struggle – Army and police file nuisance case : MP, Sivamohan

The Army which is trying to disturb the 14 days old struggle of the people of Kepapilavu has filed a case in conjunction with the police that the struggle is disturbing their peace, said MP, Sivamohan.

The Kepapilavu people are engaging in a continuous struggle in front of the Army camp, calling for the release of their ancient lands for the last 14 days, commencing on 1st of this month.

The Vanni district MP, Dr.S.Sivamohan met the strugglers yesterday evening and said so afterwards commenting to Media.”We understand that the Army has gone to the courts against the people struggling for redeeming their habitats and livelihood, for the last 14 days.

We also understand that court will deliver its judgement as to whether the blocking of Kepapulavu Road is justified and whether disseisin of the habitats of our people by the Army is justified. Surely Justice will be established. The justice for our people should be established. The should leave the Road and open it for us. The Army should get out from the habitats of our people.”, he said.

The people of Pilavukudiyiruppu, Seeniamoddai and Sooripuram  in the Kepapulavu GS Division, recovered their land due to their  struggle.It is in this context that the people of Kepapilavu are engaging in a struggle to redeem their ancestral lands.

It is notable that a hidden Army camera is continuously recording every movement of the protestors.