Tamil Diplomat

Kepapulavu – 7th day of struggle – public organization express support at the spot

The National Fishermen Cooperation Society visited the Kepapulavu people engaged in their 7th day of struggle demanding the release of their lands, in front of the Mulaitheevu District Army HQ and expressed their solidarity with them.

135 families commenced a struggle on the 1st demanding the release of 482 acre of their lands occupied currently by the Army. Public organizations such as the National Fishermen Cooperation Society, People’s alliance for land ownership, Praja Abilasha network, went and met the protesters at the spot and expressed their support.

The strugglers have erected temporary sheds in front of the said Army HQ, cook, eat and sleep at the spot.War has ended. Peaceful situation now prevails. The Army should not engage in activities, hindering our livelihood. They should get out releasing our livelihood giving lands. Until then our struggle will continue, said the people.