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Kepapulavu lands cannot be immediately released : the District Secretary, Mulaitrheevu

Kepapulavu and Pulavukudiyiruppu lands could not be released immediately. There are some security problems involved in this. We clarified this to the people. I talked to them in my capacity as the District Secretary. We need some time. They cannot achieve anything by undertaking the struggle without giving time to us, said the District Secretary of the Mullaitheevu District, Mrs. Rupawathy Ketheeswaran.

Pulavukudiyiruppu people are on struggle calling for the release of their land, day and night, in front of the Army Camp.

The District Secretary, Mrs Rupawathy Ketheeswaran made a spot visit yesterday to the Pilavukudiyiruppu area. “We went there yesterday and held inspection.We inspected the areas under the control of the Army. Lands  adjoining the camp boundary are needed by us. The lands of the public are to be identified and maps to be prepared” she said.

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