Saturday 26 September 2020
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Kepapulavu people who attempted go into their lands stopped by the Army

Kepapulavu people who attempted go into their lands stopped by the Army

Kepapilkavu people tried go into their ancestral lands, on which the Kepapulavu Army Camp is located were stopped by the Army and police were massed at the site creating a tense situation.

Following this, state officials were called to the spot and after assurances from them the people dispersed from the spot.

Since the promise that all lands of the people will be released before 31 of December had failed people went with their belongings, saying that they themselves would go into resettlement in their ancestral lands and they were stopped at the Military gate.

Thereafter the people went into a struggle in front of the camp entrance shouting slogans.

When the people tried enter the camp, more than 150 policemen were massed at the spot and took position all around the camp. A tense situation was created at the spot. When the police officers tried to negotiate with the people they demanded that the Army Commander should give them an assurance in person. The police had replied that Army Officers will not speak to the people and that they will call in the District Secretary.

Following this the Additional District Secretary, K.Thanabalasuntharam, Karaithuraipattu Divisional Secretary, E.Praqthaban, Assistant District Secretary, A.Lathumeera, and the Grama Officer of the said area came to the spot.

They told the people that they take the matter to the attention of the president through the District Secretary and obtain a solution before the 25th and requested that struggle be called off. After heavy arguments people agreed to the suggestion of the officers and dispersed from the area saying that if no solution is delivered by 25th, they will go in to their lands even if the army will shoot them.

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