Tamil Diplomat

KKS cement Factory renovation delayed: Waiting for Ministry of Defense Approval

Activities had been inaugurated for the renovation of the Cement Factory for some time. But the Officers of the Cement Corporation are unable to make a direct visit to the factory  as the approval of the Ministry of Defense is still pending.

An expert committee was scheduled to visit Jaffna with the Director of the Cement Corporation, Mohamed Riyaz Shali to evaluate the feasibility of re-commissioning the KKS Cement Factory, but their trip had to be cancelled as the Defense Ministry approval was not forthcoming.

Clarifying further he said, the JK Cement Company of India and the Sri Lanka Cement Corporation had jointly taken action to renovate KKS Cement Factory. In this regard, our experts and the experts of JK Cement planned to visit KKS Factory on Monday, but as the Ministry’s approval had been received, our visit had been postponed, he said.

The JK Cement had agreed to invest 150 million American dollars and if the project is realized, around  1500 persons will find employment there, he further said.

As Indian companies are more social conscious, they are to construct a hospital, school and a model village in the surroundings of the factory. If the people of the area wish, they will be provided with electricity and clean water supply by the company. The products will be marketed under the same old trade name “Kankesan”. Around 8.2 Metric Tons of production will be undertaken with 5-7 MT of local inputs will be utilized. This will bring in an annual income of 75 million American dollars to Sri Lanka. Productions are to be carried out with the help of European High Technology which will not affect the environment.

When the same kind of initiative was made last year, the then Defense Minister Gotabhaya  gave permission to inspect the site but bowed as, “ I will not allow to put up the factory in that place”

Although the regime has changed there is a situation prevailing that, we are unable to go to our own lands , he said. If the permission is delayed continuously, I shall take up a struggle to make the Factory operative, he bowed.