Monday 23 July 2018
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Kokkilai Fishermen should be given at least 5 Paadus: suggest the court

Kokkilai Fishermen should be given at least 5 Paadus: suggest the court

Out of the 11 Paadus available at Kokkilai in Mulaitheevu may be given to the local fishermen, the Director of Fisheries Department and the Secretary to the Ministry of Fisheries should take action accordingly, suggested the Mulaitheevu Court.

The case filed by 3 southern fishermen asking for a ban on Local fishermen was taken up before the Mulaitheevu Court yesterday.

Senior AAL, Anton Punithanayagam and other AALs produced evidence that all 11 Paadus were gazetted in the names of local fishermen in 1983 and that, if the Departmental Aquatic Resources wish grant a paadu to southern fishermen, the prior approval have to be obtained from the Divisional Secretary.

The officials of the Aquatic Resources department said in court that Padus were granted to those who had applied as per laid procedures.

Defence counsel pointed out  that the paadus are not transferable and using the displacement of the local fishermen paadus had been granted to southern fishermen.

After listening to the arguments of both parties the judge A.M.Samsudeen suggested that 5 paadus be granted to local fishermen and the Director of the Department and Secretary to the ministry to take action to suggest in court accordingly. If such action is not taken, the judgement for this case will be delivered on the next date and postponed the case till 27th.

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