Tamil Diplomat

Kokkilai and Puliyamunai Tamil People encountering risks by Berkshire Pigs reared by Sinhalese people

It is reported that the Tamil people are encountering risks by the hundreds of Berkshire reared by the Sinhalese people living in the confluences of Mulaitheevu District.

The Sinhales people are rearing hundreds of pigs and they don’t keep them in pens. This results in the pigs invading, into the lands of Tamil people, living in close proximity, and devastating their residences. Earlier they were coming only in the night. But, now they are coming during day time.

When hundreds of pigs invade the area health risks and infection are caused. Foul smell also emanate  from the excrements of the pigs. The Health officers who file cases against us for small garbage heaps and stagnating water pits, do not take any action against this health risk.

We have pointed out the risks several times and action will be taken against pig breeders, said the Secretary of the Karaithuraipattu Pradeshiya Saba.