Monday 24 February 2020
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KUMUTHINY MURDERS by merciless Sanguinary ogres: 30th Anniversary Today

KUMUTHINY  MURDERS  by merciless Sanguinary  ogres: 30th  Anniversary  Today

The Tamil Diplomat  Correspondent in Jaffna

It was the sunny morning of 1987 May 15th. Kumuthiny started its fateful journey from Neduntheevu an islet off Jaffna.

64 people including a 7 months old baby to a 74 years old man commenced their journey towards Kurikadduvan  for attending various cores without knowing the terrible fate awaiting them in the mid seas. They had undergone strict checking characteristic of those days, and were subjected to serious threats of the Navy men.

Kumuthini was nearing Nainatheevu, when some navy boats sped towards it.

Kumuthini was stopped in the mid sea by the navy boats. People got ready for the inevitable checking they expected. Navy men dressed in black dress covering their identities jumped furiously into Kumuthini with sharp weapons.Kumudini massacre

These men order the passengers to go to the front of the boat. Next they asked one by one to come to the back with their Identity Cards.  The powerful engines were making big noise. In that noise the people in the front could not find out what happened to those who had gone to the back. Everyone was mercilessly attacked with knifes, iron rods and axes.

For two hours the ogres held their sanguinary orgy and left.

Kumuthini drifted with its murdered and half-dead and injured towards Pungudutheevu coast then drifted more towards Nainatheevu coast and got trapped in a sand bar on the way.

Kumudini BabyOne of the injured removed his blood soaked shirt and waved to the people at the coast. Thinking that, Kumuthiny had engine trouble people at the shore started towards Kumuthini to bring it to the shore.

What they saw inside, froze their blood. 36 passengers lying dead, included the 74 years old man. Even the 7months old baby was not spared. It was lying dead with slashed female organ. More than 30 were injured.

Kumuthini Massacre is long forgotten except for the lone Memorial stone at the Neduntheevu pier. People who perpetrated the horrible massacre are living regardless even today.

May the 36 souls, who were murdered by the merciless ogres, rest in peace.




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