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“Kural Game” designed to make memorizing 10 versus of Thirukural easy

Great poet Bharathy called for sweetest Tamil be spread  all over world. Tamil Language is the identity of our nation. That is the reason behind our nation and the language encountering serious challenges at several occasions. The existence and the future of our nation depend on our Language sustaining for a long time to come.

If our language is to grow and gain strength, we, the Tamils who are living all over world had ti increase the usage of our language. We should encourage our younger generation to use more and more, the Tamil Language in their life. This is essential, if our Language and identity are to be preserved.

At the same time forcing the traditional learning methods on our younger generation is not creative. The EL-4 com establishment is endeavouring to create games (apps) for learning Tamil, to be played while our young ones use iPad, telephones on which they show much interest.

Because of their labour, “ Kural Game”, which could be used to understand and memorize 10 versus of World’s Universal Religion, Thirukural  is available freely now.

  You could try to see by your eyes, touch with your fingers, play in groups and enjoy this game.

Below are those free links:

To use in android devices

To use in iTunes