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Land Acquiring offices closed with 31st December

The land Acquiring Offices set up in the District Secretariats of the North were declared closed as from 31st December, by Ministry of Lands. This was informed to the relevant Head of the Department by the Ministry.

During Mahindha regime, action was taken to acquire lands occupied by the army legally. This task was to be done by the District Secretaries and this caused much delays in acquisition of the said lands. Following this, the then Minister of Lands, Janaka Bandara Tennekone, special offices were set up to speed up the acquisition.

These offices were setup in Jaffna and Kilinochchi districts in 2013 March. The Land acquisition powers were grabbed away from the Divisional Secretaries. These offices operated with an objective of speedily acquiring the lands needed by the army. Retired Officers were appointed as Departmental Heads on contract basis. Their contracts were to expire in April 2016. But all of a sudden they had been informed by the Ministry of Lands that their contract is being terminated on 31.12.2015.

It was also announced that the Land acquisition powers will be handed over back to the Divisional Secretaries.