Friday 22 February 2019
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Land Acquisition in Mandaitheevu & CM should take action: MPc Vinthan

Land Acquisition in Mandaitheevu & CM should take action: MPc Vinthan

Sri Lanka Navy captured the the Islands in 1990. Likewise the Army captured several areas in the North.28 years had passed after our lands had gone into the hands of Army. It not acceptable that the Army is still having lands they acquired then.

Currently the Navy is attempting to acquire permanently, 18 acre in Mandaitheevu. This is not acceptable.  The CM, as the Minister of Lands should take suitable action in this context, said MPc, Vinthan Kanagaratnam.

He said this in the 122nd sitting of the NPC held yesterday.

Elaborating further he said the government is cheating the International Community by releasing small amounts of lands and acquiring more lands on the sly.

The fishermen of Mandaitheevu are already  suffering because of the acquisition of the beaches and the landing pier. Now the Navy is attempting to grab the lands which consist of the drinking water wells which supplied the drinking water for the whole of Mandaitheevu. The CM should understand the difficulties of these fishermen and take suitable action as the Minister of Lands.

In reply the CM had said that the matter had been informed to the Navy Commander and the Minister for Resettlement, by letter.

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