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Lands of 491 families registered for resettlement in Kilinochchi still under the Army

491 families who have registered themselves in Kilinochchi District, for resettlement are unable to resettle as their lands still under the control of the Army.

419 families who had registered themselves for resettlement, following the commencement of resettlement in Kilinochchi District, and unable to do so as their houses are under the control of the Army, had requested to get these houses from the Army and re settle them.

06 houses in the Madduvilnadu East in the Pooneryn Divisional Secretary’s area of the KIlinochchi district, and 4 houses in the Madduvilnadu East are in the use of the Police and the lands of 336 families are in the use of the Army and hence, 346 families of the Pooneryn Division are unable to resettle in their own places.

The lands of 129 families in the 9 GS divisions of Civil centre, Kanakambihaikulam, Kilinochchi Town, Krishnapuram Mavadiamman, Ramanathapuram, Thiruvaiyaru, Thiruvaiyaru West, and Uruthirapuram East, in the Karaichchi Divisional Secretary, and the lands of 16 families in the GS divisions of Elephant Pass, Kumarapuram, Paranthan Periyakulam,  Puliyampokkanai, PunnaiNeeravi, and Tharmapuram of the Kandawalai Divisional Secretary’s Division are currently in use of the Army.

Although the owner of the above lands had made registration for resettlement, they are unable to resettle in their own lands as these 491 private lands are being used by the Army.

Apart from this, as the demining task had not been completed in the Ithavil, Muhamalai, Vempodukerni areas in Pachchilaipalli Divisional Secretary’s area, 257 families which had already made registrations for resettlement are unable go to their own lands.

Thus, as private lands are in the use of the Army and as demining had not been done in other lands in Kilinochchi District, 748 families, which had made registrations for re-settlement, are living with much difficulties in and out of district.