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Lands of people in Vali – North occupied by Police released to the people

The lands in Vali North, released earlier by Army  and re-occupied by the police have been released to the people yesterday, said the District Secretary, N. Vethanayagan.

Parts of people’s lands which were within the HSZ were released in the months of March and June this year by the Army. The police who earlier allowed people into areas of J/233, J/235 and J/236, later fenced off these areas and occupied them. Thus the police was using more than 56 houses of the people.

The people who were worried by this had submitted requests to relevant officers to take action to release these properties to them. Accordingly the officers have clarified the position to the President, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence and had requested them to hand over he lands to people.

In accordance with the approval from the President the lands were handed over to the people yesterday. The Divisional Secretariat is taking action to recommend for providing rent to the owners of the houses occupied by the Police.