Tamil Diplomat

Some more lands to released in Paravipanchchan on Wednesday

It has been announced by the army that 1.5 acre of the balance land not released so far as promised to the Leader of the Opposition, Era Sampanthan, will be released by them on Wednesday to the Divisional Secretary.

Earlier Army was in occupation of 45 acre including the residence of Paravipanchchan of the people. As consequence of the continuous struggles by the people demanding the release of their lands, lands were released in stages and the Army was in occupation of 17 acre.

During the struggle of the people again last month, the Leader of the Opposition went and met the people and after finding out the details he contacted the Government over the release of the lands, and as er the promises made to him 7 acre were released in two stages. the last portion is to be released on Wednesday.

However out of the 17 acre lands under the army, they have released only 8.5 acre. They are still in occupation of 8.5 acre. State Minister for Children Affairs, Wijayakala Maheswaran had promised that she will get even that land.