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IS leader Adnani: Russia says its air strike killed him

A Russian air strike in Syria killed the chief strategist of so-called Islamic State (IS), the defence ministry in Moscow has said. The Amaq news agency, linked to IS, earlier acknowledged that Abu Muhammad al-Adnani had died in Aleppo province. Russia says Adnani died on Tuesday in a Su-34 bomber raid on the village of Umm Hawsh.

The US had earlier said that one of its aircraft had targeted Adnani in the city of al-Bab. Adnani was one of the IS group’s most high-profile figures, with a $5m (£3.8m) bounty on his head.

The US said he had “co-ordinated the movement of Isil [IS] fighters, directly encouraged lone-wolf attacks on civilians and members of the military and actively recruited” new members. His death is considered a major blow to the jihadist group, which has suffered a series of military reverses in both Syria and Iraq.(BBC,2016)