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Less extents of lands released in North being used, the Governor express the concern of Army Commander

Even though, people living abroad is not interested in coming back and settling in their lands released by the Army, they should take action to clean their lands and hand them over to someone, said the Governor Northern Province, Ms. P.S.M. Charles said.

She said so while participating in the opening ceremony of the new building of the Vayavilan RCTM School yesterday and after opening the new building.

Elaborating further she said that, Vayavilan with ancientness and repute, had gone into dilapidation after the displacement and is unable to raise its head. Although several attempts were made, people are unable to re-settle in some places.

The Army Commander had expressed his concern to me about only 4,000 acres of the 8,000  acers released by us had been used now. Further release in meaningless he had said. As most of them are residing abroad they are not interested in re-settling they repeatedly said.

However we want people of Vayavilan to re-settle fully and my officers and me will continue our activities towards this end, she said.