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Let us pray for people be relieved of their sorrows and tribulations: Sampanthan in Deepavali message

The Leader of the opposition and TNA, Era Sampanthan has said in his Deepavali Message that all should join in praying that the people who suffered sorrows and tribulations for a long time be delivered from them. I express my greetings for our people to live with peace and tranquility, he has said in his Deepavali  message.

Northern Governor Reginold Cooray has said in his Deepavali Message, we, the Sri Lankans should remove ethnic and religious differences and live in peace and unity. The Hindus celebrate with the hope that it will remove all the darkness in their life light up the future. I wish that all are blessed with peace and prosperity, he had said.

President Maithripala has said in his Deepavali message that, he consider that the prayer for today must be that, co-existence and reconciliation should shine in the minds of all people. In today’s context where the war which extended over several decades and the resultant darkness which spread over the nation has been eliminated is a rare opportunity received by us to lead our society from darkness into brightness, he has said.