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Let whatever ban come, We will commemorate Maveerar Day, bows Sivajilingam

Whatever ban may come but, we will commemorate the memories of Maveerars who had sacrificed their lives for the peace of our people, the Member of the NPC, M.K. Sivajilingam.

It is heartbreaking to see threats are made against commemorating Maveerars even in the Good Governance, he said. The JVPers  who fought against the Government are celebrating ” November Heroes” day without ant hindrance. But they  are trying show the commemoration of the militants who sacrificed their lives in the Tamil Homeland struggle as a banned event.

No law can prevent people worldwide from remembering their dead. Nobody should be afraid to commemorate  their kins at the same time as all our Diaspora kins remember our war heroes.

You cannot find a solution after attempting to hide a problem. We will commemorate people sacrificed their lives for us and our people killed in the war, he said.