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Let’s prevent being isolated due to Corona menace- Full Hartal in Baticaloa against bringing Foreigners in

In a context where the Corona menace is spreading all over the world, A full Hartal was observed in Baticaloa yesterday, against bringing foreign citizens into Baticaloa District.

This Hartal was observed as a result of a call by “ Tamil Unarwazhar “ Organization, under a title of” Let us protect our District from Corona Virus infection”

If a single person is detected in the District, the whole district will be isolated. Come forward to show your opposition so as to protect the District, said the call of the Organization and as a result the whole district was paralyzed yesterday.

People from Italy, Iran, South Korea are being isolated in Baticaloa University and arrangements are being made treat infected people  at the Baticaloa Teaching Hospital. We have our duty to protect our people, but, we are not obliged to protect foreigners , the Organization had commented.